Easy Guarantee-i (eG-i)

  • To provide guarantee for the contract awarder if the customer does not meet the contract requirement
  • Application is for first applicant only
  • No adverse record found on the CRRIS and CTOS check on the Company, directors and shareholders
  • Customer with a valid Letter of Award, received from Contract Awarder
  • Financial capability to provide fixed deposit on 1:1 basis
  • Customer with a valid license
    (contractor license or supply license) issued by PKK / CIDB / MOF
  • Customer with Shariah compliant business purposes and activities
  • Guarantee Fees
    0.6% per annum, minimum of RM 100
  • Financing Limit
    • Minimum: RM 20,000
    • Maximum: RM 5 mil
  • Purpose of Financing
    Bank Guarantee is an irrevocable written obligation issued under contract of Kafalah by the Bank to assure payment in case of demand by beneficiary. The Bank in essence, acts as a guarantor
  • Tenure of Financing
    Maximum of 24 months excluding claim period of 1 month
  • Tender guarantee
  • Guarantee for Sub-Contract
  • Guarantee for Advance Payment
  • Supply Guarantee
  • Performance Guarantee
  • Guarantee for Exemption of Custom Duties
  • eG-i is issued against 100% Term Deposit-i Account / Cash Margin pledge to the Bank