• i-Rakyat provides the convenience of online banking to our business customers at the comfort of their home, allowing them to control finances easily in safe and secure environment
  • Utilities bills, Assessment tax, Zakat & Donation payment
  • e-Application for Credit Card-i, Personal Financing-i and Savings-i Account
  • Prepaid top-up
  • Online Tabung Haji Transactions & Registration
  • Credit Card-i repayment
  • e-Remittance
  • JomPAY
  • Online Payment Gateway
  • With i-Rakyat, you can now access your Savings-i Account, eCurrent Account-i, Term Deposit-i Account, share membership, cards, financing and pawn broking with a click. You can check your account balance, transaction history and cheques pending clearance
  • Prepaid Reload - Purchase and reload your mobile prepaid with ease & speedy
  • Customer services - Enables you to view the profit rates, fees and charges and manage your account including MyDebit Card-i card cancellation.
  • Fund Transfer - Transfer funds within Bank Rakyat accounts and to other banks via Interbank GIRO (IBG) & Instant Transfer (IBFT)
  • Remittance - Send money to overseas via Foreign Telegraphic Transfer (FTT)
  • Schedule Payment - Having important payment to pay every month? Use this feature to set your payment instruction, view or cancel the future payment
  • Daily Limit Maintenance - Personalize and set your daily transaction limit to your preference & needs
  • Payment Facilities - Pay bills within comfort.  Avoid any delinquent payment via our Schedule Payment facility
  • e-Application - Apply for Savings Account-i, Credit Card-i and Personal Financing-i with ease
  • Optional Alert Service - Our continuos commitment to secure your online banking transaction. You may opt to receive additional notification on any i-Rakyat transaction via email and SMS
  • Online Payment Gateway - Our wide array of merchants available for you to shop or making a payment online. User either FPX, iPay88 locally or RevPAY if you wish to purchase from Taobao Market Place
  • JomPAY - National bill payment scheme which open you the door for a various bills payment nationwide. Just look at your bill for JomPAY details
  • Savings-i Account / eCurrent Account-i holder with MyDebit Card-i / Credit Card-i, is required to get the T-PIN at any Bank Rakyat ATM
  • Usage of Credit Card-i for T-PIN generation however is only applicable for customers without MyDebit Card-i card. Those who have both MyDebit Card-i / Credit Card-i is required to use their MyDebit Card-i to get the T-PIN
  • Non-current / savings account holder,is required to contact Bank Rakyat call center at 1-300-80-5454 to get the Temporary ID. Transactions Authorization Code (TAC) will be automatically send customer mobile phone
How to register i-Rakyat

MyDebit Card-i / Credit Card-i

Without MyDebit Card-i / Credit Card-i

(Temporary ID)

Part 1: T-PIN request

  1. Visit any Bank Rakyat ATM
  2. At the ATM, MyDebit Card-i and key in your MyDebit Card-i PIN
  3. Then, select "Others"
  4. Select "Internet Banking T-PIN”
  5. Enter your mobile phone number (the number must be the same as provided to the bank during account opening)
  6. Enter any 6-digits temporary T-PIN according to your preference. Re-enter the number for confirmation. (Memorize this number, as it will not be printed on the ATM receipt for security reasons)
  7. Once successful, please access www.irakyat.com.my to complete the registration process
  8. Please contact our Contact Centre at 1-300- 80-5454 (local) or +603-2117 9000(overseas) during office hours or e-mail us if you encounter problems in getting your T-PIN

Our operating hours are Monday – Friday: 7.30am – 9.30pm Saturday & Sunday: 8.30am – 5.30pm. We are closed on Public Holidays.

Part 1: Temporary ID request

Please contact our Contact Centre at 1-300- 80-5454 to get a Temporary ID and TAC will be sent via your mobile phone

Part 2: Registration

  1. Please access via www.irakyat.com.my
  2. Click LOGIN icon > select Personal Banking
  3. Click “First Time Registration” link
  4. Select MyDebit Card-i / Credit Card-i for registration and key in MyDebit Card-i / Credit Card-i card number, mobile phone and T-PIN (6-digit)
  5. Create Username, Password and Secure Phrase
  6. Registration process complete

Part 2: Registration

  1. Please access via www.irakyat.com.my
  2. Click LOGIN icon > select Personal Banking
  3. Click on “First Time Login” link
  4. Select Temporary ID for registration and key in Temporary ID and TAC (send to your mobile phone)
  5. Create Username, Password and Secure Phrase
  6. Registration process complete