• Two types of transfers:
  • Foreign Telegrahic transfer
  • Foreign Demand draft
  • Payment more than 23 currencies
  • Shariah concept
  • Bai’ Al-Sarf
  • Ujrah for transfer fee
  • Shariah compliant Foreign Exchange
  • Secure Payment
  • Safest and fastest way to transmit fund to beneficiary using secure channel
  • A cheaper, safe and reliable alternative for payment made overseas where DD is a written order
  • Service is available on i-Rakyat
  • Customers with a Savings-i Account and eCurrent Account-i
  • Individual and non-individual with valid personal identification
  • Citizen or permanent residents MyKad / MyPR
  • Passport including working permit for non citizens
  • Charges for foreign telegraphic transfer is
    RM 10.00
  • Competitive exchange rates if compared with other Financial