• Electronic payment instrument that allows eCA-i account holders make payments and transfer fund
  • A replacement for physical paper cheque used by conventional Current Account
  • A quick and simple way of making payment / banking transaction of Current Account for funds transfer by the account holder to a third-party account
  • 1PAY allow account holders of Electronic Current Account-i (eCA-i) to perform payment via cash or fund transfer and enjoy basic functions of a physical cheque such as payment cash out, post-dated payment and full electronic payment instrument with payment evidence
  • 1PAY is the first Internet payment innovation in Malaysia that caters to Individual and Non-Individual customers and fulfills the needs of business society through its unique features
  • Simplified, secured, fast and cost effective banking experience for account holders when performing account management, checking of cheque float status, cash payment, fund transfer as well as protection of banking information
  • With 1PAY, payee / recipient will receive convenient proof of payment, proficient notification, verification of payment details, automatic payment crediting and flexible payment encashment at any Bank Rakyat branches
  • Individual and non-individual customers
  • Non-Account holders may enrol for 1PAY if appointed by the accountholder to conduct on their respective eCA-i account. The Non- Account Holders may be appointed as maker or authorizer
  • Customer has one or more Electronic Current Account-i (eCA-i) with Bank Rakyat
  • Fund Transfer (Intrabank)
     RM 0.00
  • Cheque Purchase
     RM 2.12 per cheque
    (Inclusive of GST: RM0.12)
  • Fund Transfer (Interbank)
    • Through IBG
    • RM 0.10 for every transaction
      (The GST charge for IBG will be absorbed by the Bank)
  • SMS / TAC
    Charges RM 0.00
  • Through RENTAS
     RM 2.12 for every transaction
    (Inclusive of GST: RM 0.12)
  • Fund Transfer / Payment
    • Intrabank and interbank fund transfer via IBG and RENTAS with no time limitations and boundaries
  • Account Management
    • Assist customer in managing account such as account updates, account reconciliation, account summary, transaction report and other transactions via real time
  • Online Cash Payment
    • Enable customer (payer) perform payment/fund transfer to the recipient (payee) via cash over-the-counter online. The payee can cash out / encash payment at any Bank Rakyat branches nationwide
  • Maker/Authoriser function
    • Availability of Maker functions in facilitating transaction entry in the system and Approver function for verification and approval
  • Cheque Purchase
    • Enable online cheque purchase transactions. Customer may collect the physical cheque at any Bank Rakyat branches
  • Guaranteed Payment
  • Stop Payment
  • Normal Payment
  • Future Payment / PDC
  • Earmark Request by Recipient
  • Notification to payer and payee