Regional MEPS

  • Cashless transactions at ATMs / CICO (Tabung Haji, Mobile reload, Fund transfer, IBG, instant transfer, Bill payment)
  • ATM card holders can conveniently withdraw their cash while abroad.
    To use this service, customers first have to activate their ATM Card/Kad Rakyat at any of our branches or ATMs before departing overseas
  • The promotion of a secure, safe, efficient payment system and faster distribution
  • More reliable
  • No need to carry a lot of cash and save cost
  • Security of payment
  • Bank Rakyat ATM cardholders
  • Local Bank’s & Foreign Bank’s
  • RM 12.72 (per transaction
    *inclusive 6% GST charges)
  • * 6% GST is paid by Bank Rakyat for Bank Rakyat card holders