Credit Card-i Bank Rakyat-Takaful IKLHAS

  • Annual Fee Waiver, FREE for life
  • Profit rate
  • No compounding element
  • Benevolence of RM 1,000
  • FREE Takaful coverage
  • Shariah concept
    Tawaruq Murabahah
  • Principal:
    21 years old and above
  • Must be a Takaful IKHLAS Certificate holder
  • Supplementary:
    18 years old and above
  • Minimum annual income:
    RM 24,000
  • Photocopy of NRIC / Passport
  •  Salary-employed:
    • Copy of latest 3 months pay slip and / or
    • Copy of latest EA form and EPF statement
  • Self employed:
    • Photocopy of business registration, and
    • Latest 6 months bank's statement, and
    • B Form, and
    • Tax payment receipt or any other supporting document
  • Non Malaysian Citizen:
    • Copy of Bank Rakyat's Savings-i Account
    • Copy of contract confirmation letter from employer
Withdrawal Service Charges


Amount for every transaction

Additional fee

Bank Rakyat’s ATM or over-the-counter

Up to RM 660

RM 21.20

More than RM 660

3% for every cash withdrawal amount

Other banks’ ATM or over-the-counter

Up to RM 400

RM 21.20

More than RM 400

5% for every withdrawal amount

Copy of Card Monthly Statement Request

RM 5.30 will be charged for every request for a copy of Card Monthly Statement

Sales Draft Request

RM 5.30 for every request for a photocopy of the Sales Draft

RM 15.90 for every request for an original copy of the Sales Draft

Card Replacement Charges

RM 50 for every replacement of card

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Interbank GIRO (IBG)
  • Online Banking
  • ATM
  • Instant Transfer (IBFT)
  • Auto Debit