Kad Debit-i Bank Rakyat – Kopenas

  • Shariah contract,
    free from uncertainty
  • One Time Password (OTP) for online transaction
  • ZERO mark-up rate on all overseas transaction
  • No processing fee
  • ZERO fee for cash withdrawal at Bank Rakyat ATM
  • SMS alert for every transactions
  • FREE annual fee for first year
    (Normal RM8 per year)
  • Enjoy great discounts and privileges from Bank Rakyat Card Centre
  • Shariah Concept
    Wakalah Bil Ujrah
  • Open to all Koperasi Perkhidmatan Pelajaran Nasional Berhad (Kopenas) registered members
  • Subject to a minimum deposit amount of eCurrent Account-i opening (RM10)
  • Copy of MyKad
  • Copy of member’s confirmation letter from Kopenas
  • Annual Fee
    • FREE for the first year
    • RM 8 for subsequent years throughout card validity
  • Request For Sales Draft
    • RM 5.30 will be charged for a copy of sale draft
    • RM 15.90 will be charged for original copy of sale draft
  • Cash Withdrawal Fee
    • Bank Rakyat ATM - No charge
    • Other banks’ ATM or over-the-counter inside Malaysia - RM 1
    • Other banks’ ATM or over-the-counter outside Malaysia - RM 12
  • Request FOR Monthly Statement 
    RM 5.30
  • Card Replacement
     RM 12