Nuri Savings-i Account

  • Shariah Concept
    Wadi`ah Yad Dhamanah
  • Minimum deposit RM 10
  • Opportunity to become a Nuri Club member and participate in programs organised by the Club
  • Account is managed by the parent / legal guardian or the closest family member as a trust holder
  • Withdrawal is limited to once a month
  • Open to all children aged 12 years and below
  • Birth certificate, MyKid
  • Photocopy of mother / father/ legal guardian’s MyKad
Service Transaction Charge
Savings Book New book due to lost old book RM 16.00
Book replacement due to damge RM 5.00
Account Statement For each application RM 10.60
Account Closure Less than 3 months from the new account opening date RM 10.00