Takaful Family Care (TFC) – AIA Takaful Berhad

  • Product Type
    Regular Contribution Family Plan Takaful
  • Payment Method 
    Autodebit: via Bank Rakyat only
  • Credit or Debit Card:
    via Visa or MasterCard
  • Coverage Term 

    Up to age: 65 years to death
    (whichever is the soonest)
  • Free Look Period
    Customer may return the Takaful Certificate within 15 days after they have received the Takaful certificate. AIA shall refund the initial contribution paid less any medical expenses incurred
    (if applicable)
  • Entry Age
    (To be calculated from the last birth date)
  • Minimum age:
    18 years
  • Maximum age:
    50 years