Wills (Wasiat)

  • Bank Rakyat in partnership with Amanah Raya, the leading trust corporation in Malaysia is offering Wasiat / Will writing services to ensure the assets reach the rightful beneficiaries after demise and will ensure that the Wasiat / Will is executed in such a way that all the wishes of the testator are fulfilled
  • Wasiat / Will writing is an essential step in estate planning whereby one conveys his / her wishes as to how his / her assets should be distributed. A properly planned property distribution vide a Wasiat / Will would ensure the properties are distributed to the loved ones for their benefit
  • As the Executor of the testator’s Wasiat / Will, Amanah Raya will carry out the distribution of the estate speedily and professionally
  • Ensuring your assets are distributed to your chosen beneficiaries in a manner  desired by the testator
  • Helps guarantee the welfare and interests of children when the testator is no longer around through the appointment of a trustworthy guardian
  • To make known the wishes of the testator and to make statement of intention to donate to a loved one or for a charitable purpose
  • Allowing administration of estate be carried out speedily to prevent any injustice to or needless hassle for the beneficiaries
  • To leave certain pieces of advice to beneficiaries and family members
  • To allow a testator to bequeath property to a non-beneficiary who is not entitled to anything under Faraid Law (Muslim Wills)
  • For declaration of all movable and immovable assets owned and owing to third parties including instruction to settle all debts
  • Applicant’s Requirement:
    Any person above 18 years old
    (21 years old  for Sabah) and of sober mind can make a Wasiat / Will
  • Wasiat (Muslim Will) / Non-Muslim Will 
    (inclusive of 6% GST) 
    RM 371.00