MARA Entrepreneur Guarantee Scheme (MEGS)

  • To assist viable Bumiputera SME companies to access financing to sustain operations
  • Malaysian-controlled
    or Malaysian-owned businesses
    (Sole-Proprietorship, Partnership and Sdn. Bhd. only with 100% shareholdings owned by Malaysian)
  • Business entities are 100% owned by Bumiputera and proxy shareholders are specifically not allowed
  • Carrying on Shariah-compliant business activities in all sectors
  • The company has been in operation for at least 2 years with profit generated in the current year
  • Paid up capital of 20% of financing amount
  • Companies are classified as SMEs
  • Guarantee Fee
    1.0% per annum of the guarantee amount and to be payable annually in advance
  • Note: If limit reduces, the guarantee will reduce accordingly
Financing Limit Sole-Proprietorship and Partnership
minimum : RM 200,000
maximum : RM 500,000
Sdn. Bhd.:
minimum : RM 200,000
maximum : RM 2 million
Purpose of Financing Working Capital
Project / Contract Financing
Bank Guarantee
Machineries and equipment Financing
Note: Based on the terms and conditions of the contract,
 Does not include refinancing/restructuring of existing facilities
Tenure of Financing Working Capital – up to 5 years
Contract Financing – up to 7 years**
Bank Guarantee – up to 7 years**
Machineries & Equipment Financing – up to 10 years
** Based on Contract’s terms & conditions
 Note: Does not include refinancing or restructuring of existing facilities
  • Up to RM 1.6 million or 80% of the financing amount whichever lower
  • SMEs are required to submit security for the remaining unsecured portion on terms to be determined